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We are more than just a shoe

Fashion forms the perception of an idealistic dream world that creates a collective desire for something better. It is a creative expression that challenge the current norms and conventions in society and express the feeling of who we are, where we go and who want to be. The steps we take in our shoes are therefore unwritten stories of our lives, formed with significance and meaning and explore fashion in future contexts. The world of Fairily reveal transformation towards a conscious, innovative and thoughtful world in the fashion industry and marks the beginning of a revolution towards sustainable awareness. We supply new steps into the future where the shoe is not only a mean for walking but is a mean for interaction, change, transformation and inspiration, we started Fairily with one mission; “we are more than just a shoe”. 

The Conscious Concept by Fairily

At first, we produce our shoes with as little effect as possible on both the individuals and the environment. We are manufacturing our products in Europe and our leather is vegetable tanned, which mean good working conditions and no chemicals has been used in the leather production. Second, we aim to produce classic high-quality shoes that has an extended lifetime, this makes the consumption more sustainable, choose less and choose well. Third we want to invite you all to our own universe where we believe that the power of knowledge and responsibility contribute awareness towards a more sustainable fashion industry. We have the aspiration to see a seed within the culture of our Conscious Concept, and finally we demand to be more “than just a shoe”.

Our Heritage

Fairily was founded with one mission, to make shoes that matter. It is illustrated and inspired by a woman that holds our core values. She wore clothes with awareness, knowledge and more important in a sustainable way. Our inspiration and muse are the one and only grandma Edit. The clothes she wore were creative, handcrafted, long lived and nevertheless fashionable. The life of a classic item is glowing brighter and has a longer life time with good craftmanship and awareness, in that sense also more sustainable, we can’t change it all, but we can change the course

Fairily is founded by Fanny Malmsten. Fanny has a bachelor in fashion science at Stockholm University, and is furthermore educated at Tillskärarakademin in Stockholm. Fanny are studying the master class in fashion science and market communication at this moment.

Love them few, Love them Long. 

Fanny Malmsten

Welcome to FAIRILY!